Repair Café Toronto
The repair café aims to change the culture of disposability by showing you how to fix all kinds of things and keep them in working order. Knowledgeable fixers are on hand to repair your broken electronics, computers, clothes, jewellery, etc. As well as passing on the knowledge to you.... [Read More]
Toronto Clothing Repairathon | Repairing Clothes… in Toronto
The Clothing Repairathon runs free public events, where anyone can bring clothing to be repaired by volunteers. Our first event will be on April 20 at the Wychwood Barns. We're still looking for donations of sewing materials (especially thread) and volunteers. Please see our website for more information.... [Read More]
A Higher Plane
The Higher Plane takes old materials and uses them to make something new. They have a line of zero waste furniture. They also specialize in custom home renovations, fine carpentry and millwork as well as alternative construction.... [Read More]
The Soap Works
Discovered these Toronto made soaps about a decade ago and have loved them ever since.  Their bars come without any packaging. The natural sents smell great. My skin likes them, where as most other soaps seem to irritate my skin and cause minor temporary rashes. They carry a wide variety of soaps for different purposes and skin types. Some of my favourites are hemp, tea tree oil and goat milk. I use these both as a body soap and as a shampoo.... [Read More]
Tiffinday - Indian food delivery
Indian meal delivery with an eco-conscious and social justice focus. Meals, prepared by new comers to Canada, are delivered in tifins, reusable metal containers, by electric rickshaw bike (or low emission car during the winter months). On days when they are over capacity they also outsource deliveries to Good Foot Delivery. Enter your postal code in the side bar of their site to see if they deliver to your area. You can also taste their food at Withrow park, Leslieville and Apple ... [Read More]
Sistering - A Woman's Place: Supporting ordinary women in extraordinary circumstances
This drop in center has been "supporting homeless, underhoused and low-income women" since 1981. They offer: free lunch, shower facilities,employment opputunities, help finding housing, donated clothing, as well as health and well-being programs and services. You can support Sistering through volunteering, donations of money, clothing or house hold items, or by purchasing art through their Inspiration Studios.... [Read More]
TakeOutWithOut - Campaign to Reduce Restaurant Waste
The title pretty much sums it. This campaign was started by Lisa Borden in hope of getting rid of the waste that often comes obligatory with take out food. They have a list, albeit a short one, of participating restaurants that actively encourage people to bring there own containers. Hopefully we'll see this list grow.... [Read More]
Work N Wear
Work n wear sells a wide variety of work clothes and accessories. Gloves, boots, coveralls, reflective vests etc. The big bonus is that they also carry used work wear. [Read More]
Waste Nothing
If you have an item that you want to get rid of this website will suggest recycling, reusing, selling and donation options specific to the Toronto area. [Read More]
Food Not Bombs Toronto
Food not Bombs takes perfectly edible food that would otherwise end up in the waste stream and uses it to cook up vegan and veggie meals that are than given away for free. If you want to help picking-up food, cooking or serving join their facebook group. Toronto is just one of thousands of cities around the world with people giving out free food under the Food Not Bombs name. Check out the global site here. ... [Read More]