Knees - afx productions
Cute short written by Kate Dawson about obsessing over a crush. [Read More]
No Media Kings
Jim Munroe produces cultural items of all sorts (books, video games, graphic novels, videos). After a short period working for ad busters, writting for eye and harper collins he went fiercly independant. Not only does he proudly self-publish but he also makes much of his work available for free. The "Infest Wisely" full length feature comes highly recommended. His earlier video shorts are also pretty darn interesting. In addition to creating things he also offers web... [Read More]
the money project
The MoneyProject takes the form of collaborative production of short video works authored by individuals and presented together. In it's process it seeks out egalitarian relationships of shared power, voice, and decision-making. Its' intention is to engage people willing to participate in discussion, production, the organizing of public screenings, and outreach to groups with interest around the world. We hope that our organizing principle reaches outside of the determinations of capitalist rela... [Read More]