Humber Arboretum
Beautiful area along side Humber college north that mixes both naturalized wild areas and cultivated ornamental gardens. The trails are extensive, connecting into the west-humber trail. The area is also home to a number of deer who seem to have grown relatively tolerant of the many human visitors. You are almost certain to be able to spot them. The Center for Urban Ecology located at this site was built to high levels of eco-certification and with sustainability(GOLD LEED) in ... [Read More]
Not Far From The Tree
Not far from the tree connects homeowners with fruit trees with groups of volunteers willing to pick them. The fruit then gets dividies up 1/3 each to the home owner, the volunteers and shelters/foodbanks/community kitchens. Turns out there is a suprising amount of food growing in the city. In 2010 they picked 19,695 pounds of fruit and the project has expanded to more neighbourhoods since then. The idea has proven to be super popular and picks often fill up in a wink ... [Read More]
native plant girl
Self described as "a downtown-east Toronto native plants gardener, steward & volunteer" Native plant girls blog offers a information to help connect us city dwellers to connect a little more intelligently to the nature in our surroundings. Following blog will help keep you on top of identifying what's blooming. [Read More]