Mapnificent Toronto/Hamilton - Dynamic Public Transport Travel Time Maps for Toronto/Hamilton
Google map mash-up that let's you estimate how far public transit can take you in a given time frame. [Read More]
Charlie's Freewheels
Charlie's Freewheels provide training in safe riding skills and bike maintenance. Participating in the program provides youth with a bike, lock and helmet. After completing the program participants are connected to paid cycling-related internships. They also operate their own retail space at the location run by program participants where they sell bikes to the general public. If you'd like to support the organization they are currently looking for donations of time, parts ... [Read More]
Second Harvest
The quantity of perfectly edible food that that goes to waste in every step of the chain, from the growing fields to individual households, is shocking. Estimates suggest between 25 to 50 per cent of food is wasted. It's hard to look at those numbers without being reminded that hunger, as it was during the Irish famine, is often created by capitalist forces rather than any actual food shortage. Second Harvest aims to divert some of the industrial food systems waste back into hungr... [Read More]