Evalyn Parry
Evalyn Parry writes and performs poetic, political, theatrical songs / engaging long-format ballads infused with history and contemplation of modern issues which can't be described as anything short of awesome. I was blessed to see her perform from Spin on a recent Art Spin. She was the first stop in the art crawl. After the performance, amazed by what we had just witnessed, my partner and I looked at each other and wondered: "How is anyone else supposed to top that?" ... [Read More]
Toronto Fringe Festival
For 2 weeks every July Toronto is bubbling with theatrical life. The Fringe festival puts on upwards of a hundred and forty productions every year across the city. This provides un unprecidented oppurtunity for audiences to see something new and for artists to flex their creative muscles and be innovative. [Read More]
Clay and Paper Theatre
Dufferin Grove park's local theater company. They stage irreverant PWYC plays, parades and festivals in the park featuring their spectacular home-made puppets. Their events are meant for the whole community; suiteable for kids but still entertaining for adults. From mid-july to mid-august every year they put on a play. The performance schedule is Wednesday - Sunday 7pm + Friday - Sunday 2pm The Saturday before halloween every year is the night of dread parade. The Sunday b... [Read More]
Trigger Festival
They describe themselves as a QUEER Arts Survivor-Centric Festival. Bringing art and activisim together hey combine art, interactive performances, music and flim with workshops. [Read More]