I Like You : a podcast about two people looking for like
Toronto based podcasters JP and Elah have publishing stories and conversations about love, like, relationships, sex and related topics. Lot's of real people opening up and telling personal stories. Some investigation into the unique and diverse types of human relationships. into It's a beautiful thing. [Read More]
Intergalactic Travel Authority and Story Planet
A delightful new store front just opened in Bloordale. At first glance it looks like another coffee shop with a whimsical spirit. That whimsical spirit actually hints at the shops true purpose of promoting a love for creative writting. All profits from the store front go to support Story Planet which runs free arts and literacy workshops for kids in schools, community centres and now behind the portal doors at the Intergalactic Travel Authority. Stop by, enjoy... [Read More]
FOOL - Festival of Oral Literatures
This event brings a diverse selection of excellent storytellers to cafes, art galleries and farmers' markets arcoss the city every fall. The festival celebrates storytelling in both french and english! [Read More]
Evalyn Parry
Evalyn Parry writes and performs poetic, political, theatrical songs / engaging long-format ballads infused with history and contemplation of modern issues which can't be described as anything short of awesome. I was blessed to see her perform from Spin on a recent Art Spin. She was the first stop in the art crawl. After the performance, amazed by what we had just witnessed, my partner and I looked at each other and wondered: "How is anyone else supposed to top that?" ... [Read More]
1001 Friday Nights of Storytelling
Every Friday from 8:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m people gather to share stories from far and wide. Folk tales, personal accounts, ballads, poems, history are all welcome. The main stipulation is that it comes from memory and is not read off a page. You are welcome to come and simply listen too. The event has been taking place since the late 70's and some of the participants bring a great deal of storytelling experience to the event, but budding tellers will find the group very welcoming. They... [Read More]
Four Winds Library
Norman Perrin run's Toronto's only storytellers’ library out of his two-bedroom apartment in the Junction. Anyone is welcome to drop by and borrow a book from his collection of folktales from around the world. Norman does this for his love of stories and the desire to spread them. Norman's love for sharing stories is also evident through his skill as an oral storyteller. Drop by the library and discover fantastic tales from far off lands or look out for Norman at... [Read More]
A Storied Life by Sonia Brock
What makes her extraordinary is how much living an ordinary person has packed into her life. Listening to her life story inspires you to make the most of your own life. Thanks Sonia for bringing the tales of the good life online for all the enjoy. Carpe Diem! [Read More]