Evergreen Native Plant Database
Volunteers with evergreen have worked to create database filled with plants, shrubs and trees found in Canada. It's a useful tool for deciding what to plant as well as identifying what is already growing around you. With very handy advanced options that let you search by such things as region, eco-system type, seed colour, uses, fragrant foilage and many other characteristcs.... [Read More]
Saskatoons / service berries / June berries
The end of June/early July is service berry season in Toronto. As this native fruit producing shrub has come into vogue with landscapers in recent years there is currently an abundance of sweet berries to be enjoyed within the city. It's very easy to learn to identify the berries and can be safely consumed without fear of mistaking them for something dangerous. Specifically, look for small dark purple berries with 'crowns' on small trees with rose-like leaves. Of course, as with a... [Read More]
Toronto gardening all year round
Blog about gardening in the city with an emphasis on native plants. Lot's of pictues to help you identify different species and see what they look like in different stages. [Read More]
Toronto Community Garden Network
I spent an afternoon a week at a community garden during 2008 and 2009. The first year I didn't have access to growing space but taking part in the community garden allowed me to grow enough to meet pretty much all my vegetable needs for the summer. I returned to the garden the following year despite moving to an apartment with a backyard garden because it turns out community gardens are a pretty awesome social experience. So how to get in on the growing? TCGN has created a large ... [Read More]
Urban Harvest
Urban Harvest sells organic seeds, plants and health care products. Find them at their store or farmers markets and retail locations thoughout the city. They carry a wide variety of hard to find heirloom seeds and plants. If you think all tomatoes should be red, prepare to be suprised. Their seed packets also tend to have comparitevly good info about planting and care specific to each of thevarieties they sell. I first met the owner, Collette Murphy, at a salve making workshop and was... [Read More]