Toronto City of Labyrinths Project
It's thought that Toronto may have the greatest number of labyrinths of anywhere in the world.. This might be in large part thanks to HiMY SYeD who started the Toronto City of labyrinths project in 2002 with the goal of putting a labyrinth within walking distance of every Torontonian. His web page has a Toronto labyrith index, but it only seems to hint at HiMY's dedication as it doesn't contain the numerous temporary labyrinth's he's constructed. In additio... [Read More]
Occupy Gardens Toronto
Inspired by the Occupy movement, this growing community of gardners is focused on food security. Photo by: Kristyna Balaban They guerilla gardening around the city and share the harvest with anyone who is hungry. There motto is Lettuce Occupy Gardens for World Peas! Join in on the fun and help create peace by reducing hunger.... [Read More]
Lyn Adamson runs the Active Peacebuilding Training Program through Peaceworks. I took part in the first course in the series entitled "Communication in Action" during the fall of 2010. Having long been boggled by the frustration and even anger that can well up even between individuals or groups who actually do share similar values or goals, let alone those who don't, I was hungry to see what I could learn about communicating more effectively. Lyn led the course participants thro... [Read More]