The Homegrown National Park Project
A project from that David Suzuki foundation that is attempting to make a national park in downtown Toronto. The idea is to bring landowners, community groups, businesses and residents together in the area along the former route of the garrison creek to create a green corridor. They have dozens of volunteer park rangers that have started hosting events and facilating workshops to share ideas and help people establish more gardens, trees, and green rooftops and patios in the area.... [Read More]
Lake Ontario Waterkeeper
Lake Ontario Waterkeeper is founded on the belief that it is possible to achieve a swimmable, drinkable, fishable world – all we need is commitment to clean water and the right mix of sound environmental policy, transparent and informed decision-making, public education, and community-building programs. Lake Ontario Waterkeeper, a registered Canadian charity, helps to create a swimmable, drinkable, fishable future by connecting and empowering people in order to stop pollution, p... [Read More]
Toronto and Region Conservation Authority Stewardship Events
The TRCA runs a stewardship events on a wide range of topics. From Monarch butterflies, to planting native plant gardens, to family fishing days the TRCA is offering a diversity of social events to help connect you to our land. [Read More]
Mycological Society of Toronto
This is the group to join for those in Toronto with a interest in mushrooms. They run monthly informative lectures in the off season at the Toronto Botanical Gardens and schedule group forays (mushroom picks) outside of the city when the mushrooms are growing. With many enthusiastic members happy to share their knowledge, joining their club is an excellent way to learn to identify mushrooms. [Read More]
Humber Arboretum
Beautiful area along side Humber college north that mixes both naturalized wild areas and cultivated ornamental gardens. The trails are extensive, connecting into the west-humber trail. The area is also home to a number of deer who seem to have grown relatively tolerant of the many human visitors. You are almost certain to be able to spot them. The Center for Urban Ecology located at this site was built to high levels of eco-certification and with sustainability(GOLD LEED) in ... [Read More]
The P.I.N.E. Project
I met Andrew, the executive director of the P.I.N.E. Project, a number of years ago at a nature skills event. His passion for nature and love for helping others connect to their environment has been inspiring. The pine project focuses on programming for children and youth and a few camps through the summer, but they also do run courses aimed at helping adults increase their understanding and connection to the natural world.... [Read More]
Not Far From The Tree
Not far from the tree connects homeowners with fruit trees with groups of volunteers willing to pick them. The fruit then gets dividies up 1/3 each to the home owner, the volunteers and shelters/foodbanks/community kitchens. Turns out there is a suprising amount of food growing in the city. In 2010 they picked 19,695 pounds of fruit and the project has expanded to more neighbourhoods since then. The idea has proven to be super popular and picks often fill up in a wink ... [Read More]
Don Valley Girls
This blog chronicles adventures to be had and the wild life to be seen around the Don Valley's trails. [Read More]
The Permaculture Project - GTA
Toyin Coker has been busy putting together a community around permaculture in the toronto area. If you're interested in permaculture, forging a space for permaculture concepts in the city and gathering, spades raised, with kindred spirits, this is the place to start. They also have a facebook group. [Read More]
Alissa York
Her new novel Fauna looks at wild life in Toronto. It intertwines the stories of several Torontonians with strong and unique connections to animals in our urban context. I was at first suspicous that the story was just an excuse to point out some of the wild life that can be found in the city, but I was soon charmed by this hard to put down book. [Read More]