Saskatoons / service berries / June berries
The end of June/early July is service berry season in Toronto. As this native fruit producing shrub has come into vogue with landscapers in recent years there is currently an abundance of sweet berries to be enjoyed within the city. It's very easy to learn to identify the berries and can be safely consumed without fear of mistaking them for something dangerous. Specifically, look for small dark purple berries with 'crowns' on small trees with rose-like leaves. Of course, as with a... [Read More]
Toronto gardening all year round
Blog about gardening in the city with an emphasis on native plants. Lot's of pictues to help you identify different species and see what they look like in different stages. [Read More]
Toronto Acupuncture Studio
Ash Yoon, known for her work with various not-for-profits, including The Stop, has opened a community acupuncture clinic. What sets it apart from your typical clinic? At first glance the cost difference is obvious. She is trying to make it affordable. Treatments are offered on a sliding scale at rates well below the industry average. What might prove to be more impressive is that Ash is aiming to create more of a relaxed, social atmosphere than is the norm at health clinics [Read More]
T.O. bee | Wild Bee Diversity in the City
Do you want to encourage more pollinators to set up home around your garden? Have you seen how many different kinds of bees are in your backyard? Do you want to know what species of bees are helping your veggies grow? This project is aiming to help you do all these things while simultaneously conducting a census for research at York University. Before I became a beekeeper I was little aware of the diversity of bees that exist, or that unlike honey bees most varieties live alone or in very... [Read More]
native plant girl
Self described as "a downtown-east Toronto native plants gardener, steward & volunteer" Native plant girls blog offers a information to help connect us city dwellers to connect a little more intelligently to the nature in our surroundings. Following blog will help keep you on top of identifying what's blooming. [Read More]