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Let's Make Lemonade by Justin Friesen
Short documentary does a good job of capturing the intense energy of the much loved Lemon Bucket Orkestra. The film has been selected as a finalist in the 2012 Air Canada enRoute Film Festival. The full film can be viewed online here. You can find a few more details in this article from the Eyeopener.... [Read More]
Toronto Bicycle Music Festival
The sound system of this annual festival is pedal powered, includes bike rides through the city as well as mobile performances. For 2012, the festival takes place Saturday September 15th. It's starts at 2pm at Coronation Park across from the CNE gates before moving on to liberty village and Christie Pits. The Schedule includes The Lemon Bucket Orkestra, The Complete Street Band and Rae Spoon.... [Read More]
Red Moon Music Collective
Since 2009 Red moon Collective has been inviting a wide variety of musicians to come together for a jam night. It's a free monthly event, open to all, held in a Photographers loft space. This summer look for the jams happening in outdoor spots like the island. There is a great review of the event on "There is no protocol other than a simple sign-up sheet so people know when they’re up next, the same as what you’d find at a pool hal... [Read More]
SKETCH :: Working Arts for Street Involved and Homeless youth.
Every time I visited the Sketch studio or seen participants at events around Toronto I've been impressed by their creativity, but what really blows me away is the relationships the organization seems to foster. It's a diverse group of people who come together at sketch to collaborate, create and support each other. It's a truly uplifting and inspiring culture that they've established. It's easy to look at street involved youth simply as those who need to be... [Read More]
weird canada » toronto
Weird Canada does short reviews and post sample tracks of bands across Canada they deem to be on the fringe or pushing boundries musically. [Read More]
Love, Props and the T.Dot - CBC Toronto Hip Hop Documentary
The CBC put together this Doc to coincide with the Toronto Hip Hop summit. Once you've caught up on the history of Toronto hip hop, take a listen to the artists we'd like to see in the next documentary. [Read More]
Pedestrian Sundays in Kensington Market
Here is the schedule for 2012: Pedestrian Sunday Festivals – May 27th, July 29th, and September 30th. Market Sundays – Sundays in August and September - August 5, 12, 19, 26 & September 2, 9,16, 23. Select Sundays from May to October the streets of kensignton are closed to cars and people are allowed to roam free. The result is an exuberent expression of community, filled with music, performance art, and free-spiritedness that encompasses the full spectrum of ... [Read More]
Promise cherry beach sundays
The beloved summer sunday afternoon dance party by the lake. Their picnics start June 1st for 2014. The event takes place every Sunday from 3-11(but check on long weekends as the party usually gets moved to Monday). Aside from dancing if it's not crazy crowded you might be able to just chill on a blanket and chat with the friendly folks who flock there (rember if you flock there, you are one of the aforementioned friendly folks!), hoola a hoop, throw a frisbee, picnic or contempla... [Read More]
Toronto Sounds Good: A Local Music Anthology
While searching out Toronto based podcasts I've come across a few gems here and there, but I was surprised to find relatively few options. I've also bemoaned the fact for years that though Toronto has a vast array of talented culture makers, they are often left in the shadow of the hype of music coming from abroad. I feel the breadth and depth of the Toronto music scene is sorely under-appreciated. I decided to step up and try to fill what seems to me like a glaring gap. The Toronto S... [Read More]