Greg Burrell - Accountant
Greg is an accountant. After following his blog and twitter feed I decided he seemed like a great guy and asked him to help me out with my taxes this year. We never actually met, we were able to send all the necessary info back and forth to each other electronically. Though I was a little nervous about not meeting him at first, I did like the idea of paperless accounting and had already learned much more about him than I would likely know about someone I met in a typical accountants offic... [Read More]
Alterna Savings and Credit Union Ltd.
Rising user fees, the occupy movement and bank transfer day, and the closing of Desjardins branches(where I already had an account) gave me the inscentive I needed to start making the switch to Alterna. Why Alterna? They seem to be a popular choice within my social circle and they do seem to show some real interest in community development and social responsibility. So far I am very pleased with this transition. Pleasent customer service, lower fees and as they partner with other ... [Read More]
Occupy Toronto Market Exchange
After a visit to St. James park and taking in a general assembly meeting left me suprisingly happy. I left feeling I had just witnessed something very beautiful. I honestly think there is great wisdom being demonstrated in this movement. A wisdom which is severly lacking in our current rulers(both corporate and political), in the simple fact that none of these people want to be the leader and make all the rules. The way they are organizing things, the co-operative manner in which they... [Read More]
COMER — Committee on Monetary and Economic Reform
COMER put's together a monthly journal looking at ways to improve our economic policies. Their primary concern is directed at the practice of governments borrowing money from private banks. "Crucial to our governmental debt problems is the fact that our governments at all levels borrow from private banks and from other private money-lenders, and pay interest on these debts. Each year governments across Canada presently pay some $60 billion in interest on their debts, ... [Read More]
the money project
The MoneyProject takes the form of collaborative production of short video works authored by individuals and presented together. In it's process it seeks out egalitarian relationships of shared power, voice, and decision-making. Its' intention is to engage people willing to participate in discussion, production, the organizing of public screenings, and outreach to groups with interest around the world. We hope that our organizing principle reaches outside of the determinations of capitalist rela... [Read More]