Christie and Bloor Free Little Library
Walking up Grace Street today, I spotted from a distance, what appeared to be a large bird house. As I came closer I was delighted to discover it was actually a house for books. One of many 'little free libraries' that have sprung up around the world. The instructions were simple: “take a book, return a book”. Also check the global map for a location near you.... [Read More]
Intergalactic Travel Authority and Story Planet
A delightful new store front just opened in Bloordale. At first glance it looks like another coffee shop with a whimsical spirit. That whimsical spirit actually hints at the shops true purpose of promoting a love for creative writting. All profits from the store front go to support Story Planet which runs free arts and literacy workshops for kids in schools, community centres and now behind the portal doors at the Intergalactic Travel Authority. Stop by, enjoy... [Read More]
Four Winds Library
Norman Perrin run's Toronto's only storytellers’ library out of his two-bedroom apartment in the Junction. Anyone is welcome to drop by and borrow a book from his collection of folktales from around the world. Norman does this for his love of stories and the desire to spread them. Norman's love for sharing stories is also evident through his skill as an oral storyteller. Drop by the library and discover fantastic tales from far off lands or look out for Norman at... [Read More]
Poetry is Public is Poetry
This project is aiming to make a permanent visual place for poetry in our public space. The first exhibit went on display December 6th 2010 at the Cedarbrae Branch public library. [Read More]