Pumpkin Parade « Sorauren Park
Sorauren Park hosts the pumpkin parade every November 1st. Neighbourhood jack-o-lanterns extend the halloween celebrations by coming together to put on a group light show. [Read More]
Intergalactic Travel Authority and Story Planet
A delightful new store front just opened in Bloordale. At first glance it looks like another coffee shop with a whimsical spirit. That whimsical spirit actually hints at the shops true purpose of promoting a love for creative writting. All profits from the store front go to support Story Planet which runs free arts and literacy workshops for kids in schools, community centres and now behind the portal doors at the Intergalactic Travel Authority. Stop by, enjoy... [Read More]
The P.I.N.E. Project
I met Andrew, the executive director of the P.I.N.E. Project, a number of years ago at a nature skills event. His passion for nature and love for helping others connect to their environment has been inspiring. The pine project focuses on programming for children and youth and a few camps through the summer, but they also do run courses aimed at helping adults increase their understanding and connection to the natural world.... [Read More]
The Lady Of Names
Before I saw the film I felt it necessary to include it here as the back story is so great. This movie was first conceived back in 1995. Since then director Adam Ciolfi has devoted nearly all his free time to working on this feature film. I did go see the film's premiere at the Toronto independant film festival. It's a magical charming tale and it's no suprise Michael Stokes has had continued success as writer since completing this script. Adam was better with some technic... [Read More]
Clay and Paper Theatre
Dufferin Grove park's local theater company. They stage irreverant PWYC plays, parades and festivals in the park featuring their spectacular home-made puppets. Their events are meant for the whole community; suiteable for kids but still entertaining for adults. From mid-july to mid-august every year they put on a play. The performance schedule is Wednesday - Sunday 7pm + Friday - Sunday 2pm The Saturday before halloween every year is the night of dread parade. The Sunday b... [Read More]