Honey Bee Murder Mystery Game with lesson plan
As a beekeeper I often have the opportunity to speak to people about why bees are dying or colony collapse disorder(CCD). In response I’ve developed the Honey Bee Murder Mystery Game. We've put together two versions for different age groups. Choose the one you would like to download here: 1) For kids (pdf 4.9M). 2) For teens - adults (pdf 5.3M). 3) See the bottom of this page if you want source files or other variations of the above. Here is a sample game card fr... [Read More]
The Toronto Beekeeper’s Co-operative
I discovered the Toronto Beekeepers Co-op a couple of years ago through friends at foodshares community garden. There are people keeping bees in the city? It seemed incredible, never mind that I'd been deeply afraid of bees and the possibility I might be alergic to stings, this was something I had to do(Turns out bee alergies are extremly rare and I don't have one.) How could I resist? I'm a total sweet fiend and the possibility of getting my own hands sticky in the pr... [Read More]
Bee Queen Honey
Before talking about Bee Queen Honey I’d like to provide a bit of background into the beekeeping industry. Despite the recent research identifying Neonicotinoids (one the most widely used pesticides globally) as a serious concern for bee health, the varroa mite is seen as one of the leading causes of bee death in Ontario. While many beekeepers have resorted to harsh chemicals, others seeking more natural alternatives attempt to control for mites using formic acid or even essential ... [Read More]
UofT B.E.E.S
With a little guidance from some experienced beekeepers and a large property which allows them to stay official despite Ontario's ultra-prohibitive bee act, a group of students took up organic beekeeping at University of Toronto's down town campus in 2010. One of the features that sets them apart from other groups keeping honeybees in the city is their open door policy. They are still welcoming members of the general public to come visit their hives on top of trinity college, ... [Read More]