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Ry, twelve years old, is into healthy, local, organic food and against GMO's. He reviews restraunts and other food related things around Toronto on his blog. [Read More]
Dr. Martin L Osler - Optometrist
I hadn't visited an eye doctor since I was in my teens, I had a negative experience and have avoided optometrists ever since. My eye sight finally reached a point where I knew I really needed some glasses so I started a search for someone trustworthy. Dr. Osler was recommend by a trusted source so I decided to pay him a visit. At first I missed his office while walking down college street, but found a different eye glass shop where they initially recommended me to another optometrist.... [Read More]
FoodShare is a charity organization working to increase the availibility of healthy food for all. They promote urban agriculture by starting both community and school gardens. They run nutrition programs within schools. They have a good food box program which works to establish connections with farmers and delivers food to people throughout the city for a small cost. They also have an impressive compost system. ... [Read More]
Toronto Acupuncture Studio
Ash Yoon, known for her work with various not-for-profits, including The Stop, has opened a community acupuncture clinic. What sets it apart from your typical clinic? At first glance the cost difference is obvious. She is trying to make it affordable. Treatments are offered on a sliding scale at rates well below the industry average. What might prove to be more impressive is that Ash is aiming to create more of a relaxed, social atmosphere than is the norm at health clinics [Read More]
Karma Food Co-op
As a proud foodie without a desire to ignore environmental issues, joining Karma co-op was an obvious choice. The main attractions for me was their commitment to local, organic and food that comes with less packaging. They carry the typical bulk nuts, flour, quinoa, dried fruits and rice you would expect to find in such a store but they have a number of hard to find items in bulk such as organic spices, eggs, Ontario maple syrup, Ontario Honey and Ontario sunflower oil. Karma ... [Read More]