Cinema Studies Student Union - Free Friday Films
UofT's film society runs seminars and screenings. Their free Friday film series runs most Fridays of the year at 7pm, features old and recent classics and is open to the public. Get there early to get a seat. [Read More]
1001 Friday Nights of Storytelling
Every Friday from 8:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m people gather to share stories from far and wide. Folk tales, personal accounts, ballads, poems, history are all welcome. The main stipulation is that it comes from memory and is not read off a page. You are welcome to come and simply listen too. The event has been taking place since the late 70's and some of the participants bring a great deal of storytelling experience to the event, but budding tellers will find the group very welcoming. They... [Read More]
Friday Night Suppers | Friends of Dufferin Grove Park
Dufferin grove park hosts community dinners throughout the year(except October and November) every Friday from 6-7:30. In the summer food is served outside and people dine at the many picnic tables around the ovens or lounge out on blankets under the trees. In winter they move inside the club house beside the skating rink. In the summer it is probably best to try and get there early as it's a popular event and they often run out of food before 7:30. I enjoy the event for it... [Read More]
The Move
The move became one of my favourite indoor dance events due to a few key factors: 1 - It's in a real dance studio The floor is meant for dancing; springy, smooth and a surface that is comfortable to be barefoot on. It's also spacious enough that even when it's busy there is still enough room to be physically exuberant. 2 - The music A rotating group of DJ's playing an eclectic variety of music keeps things from getting boring. They also tend to keep the volume at a... [Read More]