Figment is a participatory arts festival. Starting in New York, it now takes place in a few american cities every year and Toronto will be hosting it's first figment festival August 17-18th 2013 on Olympic island. Inclusion is one of their guiding principles, everyone is invited to bring something, actively interact, and get themselves involved with art and express themselves. It's also a free event that seeks to eschew the commodification of experience. The art is conside... [Read More]
Cinema Studies Student Union - Free Friday Films
UofT's film society runs seminars and screenings. Their free Friday film series runs most Fridays of the year at 7pm, features old and recent classics and is open to the public. Get there early to get a seat. [Read More]
2012 humber bridge sculpture | interactive arts
This past August Interactive Arts brought a few creatures, seemingly from the depths of lake Ontario, to the Humber Bay pedestrian bridge. These larger than life critters swim overhead as you cross the bridge, lighting the night with their bio-luminescence LED lights blinking in response to their surroundings. Our beautiful bridge will have this extra magical touch installed till September 20th 2012. I Hope they'll return next year.... [Read More]
Red Moon Music Collective
Since 2009 Red moon Collective has been inviting a wide variety of musicians to come together for a jam night. It's a free monthly event, open to all, held in a Photographers loft space. This summer look for the jams happening in outdoor spots like the island. There is a great review of the event on "There is no protocol other than a simple sign-up sheet so people know when they’re up next, the same as what you’d find at a pool hal... [Read More]
Freedom Clothing Collective
Freedom Clothing Collective is a non-profit organization that sells one of a kind products while supporting local designers, artisans and artists. The store puts a particular emphasis on promoting products produced with an environmental ethic. This might mean organic cotton, found objects or upcycled materials. They also host workshops, music performances and put on art shows. [Read More]
Arte Gelato and Caffé
Arguably some of the best ice cream in the city. They offer a wide variety of Italian style ice creams made on site with real ingidients and no artificial flavours. At times their selection also includes some dairy-free and sugar-free options. As if that wasn't enough, they make a decent 12" thin crust pizza. It's a simple pizza without gimmicks and it is everything a pizza needs to be. A 12" margherita goes for 4.99. Load it up with toppings at 99 ce... [Read More]
Every week masses of people come together to share in the joy of singing. Accompanied by a guitar the group sings a few songs each week. Their repitoire includes a wide range of popular music from the last 50 years. [Read More]
Static Zine
A new arts and lifestyle focused zine is put together every couple months around a particular theme. An issue is made up of contributions from an impressive variety of writers and artists whom you can meet on their web site. They also put together mix tapes that feature many toronto based bands. [Read More]
Improv in Toronto « Catch IT if you can
They stage large scale public pranks and games These flash mob/performance art type events bring people together and aim to brighten peoples day by shaking up routine public behaviour. Here's a Ted talk explanation of the concept from the NY chapter: The world is your amusement park Toronto. Have fun. [Read More]
Promise cherry beach sundays
The beloved summer sunday afternoon dance party by the lake. Their picnics start June 1st for 2014. The event takes place every Sunday from 3-11(but check on long weekends as the party usually gets moved to Monday). Aside from dancing if it's not crazy crowded you might be able to just chill on a blanket and chat with the friendly folks who flock there (rember if you flock there, you are one of the aforementioned friendly folks!), hoola a hoop, throw a frisbee, picnic or contempla... [Read More]