Griefwalker by Tim Wilson
Portrait of the sublime Stephen Jenkinson, leader of a palliative care counselling team at Toronto's Mount Sinai Hospital. This man who has thought a great deal about death and his job has brought him to the deathbed of over 1,000 people. In this film we get a glimpse of Stephen at work as well as his private life and we witness the touching stories of people confronting death. Along the way Stephen's shares a bit of his philosophy and appreciation for life. [Read More]
Coolest picnic table and bird sanctuary in high park
A picnic on a summer day is a wonderful thing but finding a nice picnic table in deep shade can be a challenge in the city. If you're visiting High Park there is one amazing picnic spot you should know about. This secluded oasis is surrounded be trees, bird houses, friendly chipmunks and has decorated archways at the entrance. To find it, enter High Park from from the main entrance on Bloor Street. Walking south into the park, stick to the sidewalk on the East(left). T... [Read More]
Chef Steffan Howard's Faith, Hope and Charity Luncheon at Palais Royale
Every Wednesday from 12-3 Chef Steffan Howard and his team serve a convivial feast created with a preference for locally sourced organic ingredients. It's a 15$ minimum PWYC all you can eat lunch with the proceeds going to charity. The quality and quantity of the food available, combined with the blissful lake side patio view makes this event a winner. As people dine together at large tables the aim of the event is to foster community connections and nourish both body ... [Read More]
1001 Friday Nights of Storytelling
Every Friday from 8:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m people gather to share stories from far and wide. Folk tales, personal accounts, ballads, poems, history are all welcome. The main stipulation is that it comes from memory and is not read off a page. You are welcome to come and simply listen too. The event has been taking place since the late 70's and some of the participants bring a great deal of storytelling experience to the event, but budding tellers will find the group very welcoming. They... [Read More]