The Cooking Fire Theatre Festival
Every year Dufferin grove hosts the The Cooking Fire Theatre Festival. It's a chance to relax under the park trees, sample a tasty organic meal cooked in the parks wood burning ovens and be entertained by the variety of theater troupes that will put on short plays over the course of the evening. For 2012 the festival runs from June 20th - 24th. Dinner is served starting at 6pm and the plays start at 7pm. A little later in the summer, Dufferin grove park is also the... [Read More]
Dufferin Grove Park Campfires
For those who can't or don't want to leave the city, Dufferin Grove park is one of the few places you can go and experience the rare luxurious joy of an outdoor camp fire. Needless to say this is a popular amenity in the park so you must book in advance if you want to have a fire. They hope you will offer a $20 donation for use of the fire pit. There are two seperate fire pits available per season. In addition to the main pit, there is a fire pit for kids groups near the p... [Read More]
The making and unmaking of Dufferin Grove Park
The city is enforcing greater beauracratic control that threatens to disintigrate that great comunity spirit that has developed over the years at Dufferin Grove Park. In responce Jutta Mason has started chronicling the history of how friends of Dufferin Grove Park have managed to turn the neighbourhood around and make things work so beautifully within the park. She tells an interesting tale and leaves much insight and wisdom for anyone serious about healthy communities, public spaces ... [Read More]
Dufferin Grove Park Farmers' Market
Every Thursday from 3-7 all year round Dufferin Grove park hosts their famous farmers' markets. The park makes it's own fresh wood-oven baked bread and serves delicious 2.50$ chili in addition to welcoming in numerous famers from the GTA. This market is where I discovered how good food should taste and has been one of my important weekly rituals since 2002. Aside from being a great place to pick up fresh, organic, local ingredients, it's a wonderful place go for a ... [Read More]
Clay and Paper Theatre
Dufferin Grove park's local theater company. They stage irreverant PWYC plays, parades and festivals in the park featuring their spectacular home-made puppets. Their events are meant for the whole community; suiteable for kids but still entertaining for adults. From mid-july to mid-august every year they put on a play. The performance schedule is Wednesday - Sunday 7pm + Friday - Sunday 2pm The Saturday before halloween every year is the night of dread parade. The Sunday b... [Read More]
Friday Night Suppers | Friends of Dufferin Grove Park
Dufferin grove park hosts community dinners throughout the year(except October and November) every Friday from 6-7:30. In the summer food is served outside and people dine at the many picnic tables around the ovens or lounge out on blankets under the trees. In winter they move inside the club house beside the skating rink. In the summer it is probably best to try and get there early as it's a popular event and they often run out of food before 7:30. I enjoy the event for it... [Read More]
mud & musings
Georgie Donais spearheaded the beautiful cob building projects that have been built by the dufferin grove park community over the past few years(the courtyard wall, the benches, and the ongoing bio-toilet project). She's been putting her natural building thoughts on this blog since 2007 where you can expect to get updated once a month. [Read More]