Let's Make Lemonade by Justin Friesen
Short documentary does a good job of capturing the intense energy of the much loved Lemon Bucket Orkestra. The film has been selected as a finalist in the 2012 Air Canada enRoute Film Festival. The full film can be viewed online here. You can find a few more details in this article from the Eyeopener.... [Read More]
Griefwalker by Tim Wilson
Portrait of the sublime Stephen Jenkinson, leader of a palliative care counselling team at Toronto's Mount Sinai Hospital. This man who has thought a great deal about death and his job has brought him to the deathbed of over 1,000 people. In this film we get a glimpse of Stephen at work as well as his private life and we witness the touching stories of people confronting death. Along the way Stephen's shares a bit of his philosophy and appreciation for life. [Read More]
Flemingdon Park: The Global Village by Andrew Faiz
A well made doc that examines the past and present of the Flemingdon Park neighbourhood through stories of community members. It was a pleasent suprise to see a fairly well known member of my Toronto community talk about his origins. [Read More]
I Met A Man From Burma
There will be a free screening of this film 5:30pm Thursday, Dec. 22nd, 2011 at the Revue Cinema with a panel Q and A session. The film tells the story of Ler Wah Lo Bo, "  A Burmese refugee and self-coined freedom fighter  " The film is written, produced and directed by Tara Browne. She's inteviewed about the film in the following: ... [Read More]
A Simple Rhythm by Tess Girard
A marvellous exploration of rhythm and synchronization. The movie, which has been described as "impressionistic and meditative", blends visuals with the audio of interviews from individuals of multiple disciplines (science, music, mathematics, health care) with personal reflections into a philosophical work of art. You can read an interview with the director here.... [Read More]
Love, Props and the T.Dot - CBC Toronto Hip Hop Documentary
The CBC put together this Doc to coincide with the Toronto Hip Hop summit. Once you've caught up on the history of Toronto hip hop, take a listen to the artists we'd like to see in the next documentary. [Read More]
Into The Fire - Press for Truth
Last night I attended the premiere screening of Into the Fire at the bloor cinema. The whole film is now available online: It serves as a fairly comprehensive document of a very tragic moment in Toronto history. The movie focuses on the unprecedented oppression on behalf of the police against peaceful protesters and unlucky bystanders. Having been to the summit in Quebec my feeling was there should never have been any attempt at any kind of peaceful demonstration anywhere near the... [Read More]