Alterna Savings and Credit Union Ltd.
Rising user fees, the occupy movement and bank transfer day, and the closing of Desjardins branches(where I already had an account) gave me the inscentive I needed to start making the switch to Alterna. Why Alterna? They seem to be a popular choice within my social circle and they do seem to show some real interest in community development and social responsibility. So far I am very pleased with this transition. Pleasent customer service, lower fees and as they partner with other ... [Read More]
Toronto Media Co-op | Local Independent News
The media co-op is a network of media producers working to produce independent professional quality news. They cover some the most relevant stories in the news, but do so outside the realm of corporate influence. [Read More]
Westend Food Co-op - Sorauren Farmers' Market!
The aim of the Westend Food co-op is to foster a local community food culture. They have now opened a store at Queen and Dufferin and have been running the Sorauren Farmers' Market for some time. They are also contrubuting to the local food culture through workshops, such as the community canning project: Visit the farmers' market at Sorauren park Mondays from 3-7(4-7 in the winter) at Sorauren park.... [Read More]
The Toronto Beekeeper’s Co-operative
I discovered the Toronto Beekeepers Co-op a couple of years ago through friends at foodshares community garden. There are people keeping bees in the city? It seemed incredible, never mind that I'd been deeply afraid of bees and the possibility I might be alergic to stings, this was something I had to do(Turns out bee alergies are extremly rare and I don't have one.) How could I resist? I'm a total sweet fiend and the possibility of getting my own hands sticky in the pr... [Read More]
Karma Food Co-op
As a proud foodie without a desire to ignore environmental issues, joining Karma co-op was an obvious choice. The main attractions for me was their commitment to local, organic and food that comes with less packaging. They carry the typical bulk nuts, flour, quinoa, dried fruits and rice you would expect to find in such a store but they have a number of hard to find items in bulk such as organic spices, eggs, Ontario maple syrup, Ontario Honey and Ontario sunflower oil. Karma ... [Read More]
Transition Toronto - Supporting and nurturing the growth of a more resilient Toronto
Started by a few keen and energetic Torontonians in late 2009, Transition Toronto (TTo) was created to make the City more resilient to the effects of peak oil and climate change. [Read More]