Arte Gelato and Caffé
Arguably some of the best ice cream in the city. They offer a wide variety of Italian style ice creams made on site with real ingidients and no artificial flavours. At times their selection also includes some dairy-free and sugar-free options. As if that wasn't enough, they make a decent 12" thin crust pizza. It's a simple pizza without gimmicks and it is everything a pizza needs to be. A 12" margherita goes for 4.99. Load it up with toppings at 99 ce... [Read More]
Harvest Noon Cafe
A great cafe has recently opened, tucked away in graduate students' union building at UofT. This volunteer run cafe is open to the whole community. One can now find healthy, locally sourced organic vegan fare at the lowest of prices on campus. A meal will set you back a full $5, add another $1 for a beverage. Their fresh baked bread is outstanding, the salad was deliciously full of sprouts and their vegan shepherds pie was plenty hearty. They are currently open... [Read More]
South Indian Dosa Mahal
This restaurant is an integral part of my eating out repertoire for a few reasons: - The food is reliably fast and delicious - it's a charming family run business that decided never to take down their valentine decorations - and it's hard to find comparable quality of food for such a low price anywhere in the city. Their menu is fairly simple. Essentially you choose between a paratha, chapati, poori, dosa(in a wide variety of flavours) or biryani based meal. Each type ... [Read More]
Friday Night Suppers | Friends of Dufferin Grove Park
Dufferin grove park hosts community dinners throughout the year(except October and November) every Friday from 6-7:30. In the summer food is served outside and people dine at the many picnic tables around the ovens or lounge out on blankets under the trees. In winter they move inside the club house beside the skating rink. In the summer it is probably best to try and get there early as it's a popular event and they often run out of food before 7:30. I enjoy the event for it... [Read More]
Mother home Myanmar Cuisine
Sadly this place seems to have closed. :( It's been a few years since I lived on the Thai-Burma border and some of the delights of Burmese cuisine had been sorely missed, so I couldn't be happier that Mother Home as moved into my neighbourhood. To my knowledge this is the only spot in town serving Burmese food. So many memories came flooding back when I saw tea leaf salad(aka "le phet thoke") on the menu. That dish was unanimously loved by all the westerners and... [Read More]