The Bovine | Freedom of Choice for Raw Milk Drinkers
Michael Schmidt cares for cows and brings Torontonians their raw milk. Unfortunately the waiting list is extraordinarily long and I have no hope of tasting his milk. Having seen Michael Schmidt speak at the release of 'milk war' I'm on the verge of declaring him a national hero. He's a man of principal who's been fighting on behalf of all Canadians to change archaic laws and give people greater freedom in how they nourish themselves. Thanks Michael. Also see th... [Read More]
City Sonic Toronto | Toronto Music Films | Location-Based Films
City Sonic is a beautiful series of films which profiles Musicians and their relationship to specific Toronto locations. Watch Jason Collett talk about his experiences and favorite spots in kensington Market: Visit their web site to see the many other artists/landmarks. [Read More]
Resonating Bodies
Series of art projects investigating bees. Many of them using specially created nests that provide a rare view into the life of bees. I had an informal conversation with Laurence packer, one of Toronto's more renounced bee experts, where he made an interesting comment about how he as a scientist doesn't have the time to go watch the bees as much as the artists do and he has never personally witnessed some of the things the artist crowd talk to him about. Learning about the lif... [Read More]
mud & musings
Georgie Donais spearheaded the beautiful cob building projects that have been built by the dufferin grove park community over the past few years(the courtyard wall, the benches, and the ongoing bio-toilet project). She's been putting her natural building thoughts on this blog since 2007 where you can expect to get updated once a month. [Read More]