Alterna Savings and Credit Union Ltd.
Rising user fees, the occupy movement and bank transfer day, and the closing of Desjardins branches(where I already had an account) gave me the inscentive I needed to start making the switch to Alterna. Why Alterna? They seem to be a popular choice within my social circle and they do seem to show some real interest in community development and social responsibility. So far I am very pleased with this transition. Pleasent customer service, lower fees and as they partner with other ... [Read More]
Sistering - A Woman's Place: Supporting ordinary women in extraordinary circumstances
This drop in center has been "supporting homeless, underhoused and low-income women" since 1981. They offer: free lunch, shower facilities,employment opputunities, help finding housing, donated clothing, as well as health and well-being programs and services. You can support Sistering through volunteering, donations of money, clothing or house hold items, or by purchasing art through their Inspiration Studios.... [Read More]
COMER — Committee on Monetary and Economic Reform
COMER put's together a monthly journal looking at ways to improve our economic policies. Their primary concern is directed at the practice of governments borrowing money from private banks. "Crucial to our governmental debt problems is the fact that our governments at all levels borrow from private banks and from other private money-lenders, and pay interest on these debts. Each year governments across Canada presently pay some $60 billion in interest on their debts, ... [Read More]
OASIS Clothing Bank
Donations help the Oasis Addiction Recovery Society programs.  They offer:  Employment preparation and job placement assistance Computer training and resource centre Life skill preparation HousingPeer support and space for 12-step meetings Volunteer programs: to help prepare for a job and reintegration into society [Read More]