South Indian Dosa Mahal
neighbourhood: Bloordale
address: 1262 Bloor St W (map)
Phone: (416) 516-7701

This restaurant is an integral part of my eating out repertoire for a few reasons:

- The food is reliably fast and delicious
- it's a charming family run business that decided never to take down their valentine decorations
- and it's hard to find comparable quality of food for such a low price anywhere in the city.

Their menu is fairly simple. Essentially you choose between a paratha, chapati, poori, dosa(in a wide variety of flavours) or biryani based meal. Each type of meal comes with variety of vegetarian side dishes which change daily. They also do kottu roti and a variety of side dishes, including their famous samosas.

As of fall 2012 they are veggie only, and they tell me they don't use any dairy products in their food, so it's easy to eat vegan here too.

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