How to cycle from North-West Mississuaga to Downtown Toronto

Though cycling in Mississauga can be terrifying... is possible to traverse the city comfortably if you plan your route carefully.

I studied some maps, tested out a few options and have come up with a route to get to north west mississauga(where my parents live) to Toronto that I feel is reasonablly good. Most of this route makes use of mississauga's bike lanes, which are pretty well marked. Click here to see the route in google maps.

Here's a few things to take note of:

There is a good stretch on matheson near the airport and highways that is just unavoidable without a major detour. I rode this late monday evening with relativly low traffic and felt fairly at ease particularly when another cyclist joined me.

There is also the problem of getting further into meadowvale across the train tracks without going on erin mills....the best solution might just be to walk to a more cycle friendly street. I did try to ride on Erin Mills; I'm happy I'm still alive.

The portion of Eglington used for this trip has a luxuriously seperated bike lane.

Portions of the path may be bumpy but I still think of it as the best available option.

At scarlet road get on to the humber bike paths which will take you into the city(all the way to the lake if like)

To go from Meadowvale to Bloor and Dufferin(approx. 30km) takes me a little under 2hrs. That's faster than the combination of TTC/Go train/walking otherwise required to make such a journey.

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