Cost of living downtown Toronto: rent, hydro, gas, food, etc.
neighbourhood: Bloordale

Living in a communal house means keeping carefully kept records . So I thought I'd to take a moment to review my monthly expenses.

Total: Worked out to roughly 812.35 a month. As you can easily pay that much just to rent a 1 bedroom apartment downtown, I recognize this cost is well below the average. This amount should be seen as what is possible in Toronto when a little effort is put into co-operating with our fellow humans. How exactly did I do it?

I live in a 3 floor house with 3 others. We are located seconds away from Lansdowne station. We have an unfinished basement, grape vine covered patio, large garden and bicycle filled garage. No TV or AC, energy efficient light bulbs, space heaters are often used in the winter and fans in the summer. Two of us work from home on computers(1 laptop, 1 desktop). We also use the stove quite a bit as we cook often.

Rent: For the house is $2000. My share is $420

Gas: Mid-July to mid-august with the water heater temperature a little lower and the heat off the charge was $21.35 or $5.34 each. Our highest bill was mid-Jan to mid-Feb about $221 or $55.21 each

hydro: From Dec-Feb was $174 or about 19.63 each(though we had 5 people in the house for half of this time. 2 of which were not efficient with their energy use and it was space heater season.) For July-September the bill was $110.42 or about $13.80 each month.

Food: (including toilet paper) All organic from Karma co-op or farmers' markets. $170 a month (largely depending on the season as we can tomatoes, make jams and freeze summer fruits and veggies for the winter).

internet: 12.75 teksavvy Premium with static IP

cell: I don't make much use of the phone. When I do it's pay as you go and internet phone services. I'd figure maybe $12 a month.

Travel I might spend $25 on tokens and what I spend on bike maintenance might average out to $10 a month

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