Coolest picnic table and bird sanctuary in high park
neighbourhood: High Park
address: high park (map)

A picnic on a summer day is a wonderful thing but finding a nice picnic table in deep shade can be a challenge in the city. If you're visiting High Park there is one amazing picnic spot you should know about.

This secluded oasis is surrounded be trees, bird houses, friendly chipmunks and has decorated archways at the entrance.

To find it, enter High Park from from the main entrance on Bloor Street. Walking south into the park, stick to the sidewalk on the East(left).

Then veer between the High Park forest school and the tennis courts.

Head towards the path near the giant three yellow circles sculpture.

Look for a path going into the forest and down the hill.

Keep following the narrow dirt path. (Someone had managed to get their wheel chair down on this path.)

When you come to a fork, take the path to the right.

You will then pass straight across another path (At this point you might see large compost piles on your left.)

Now you're seconds away from the clearing.

Enjoy, relax and help keep it clean.

Ben, the birdman is pretty awesome. I recommend chatting him up if he's around.

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