Free'scool | Where Free is Cool & School is Free
Free sharing of community knowledge while attempting to circumvent, if not outright oppose, the pitfalls of institutional education. At the moment they are offering a course in subjects  such as creative cooking, economics, tango, art and more. You can also offer to teach a course. You can get involved in the project in a variety of other ways too. [Read More]
Woodshop at Franklin Horner Community Centre
If you pass their safety test it's possible to become a member of their woodshop. You can then use the space and their fancy wood working tools to make your own projects. They run a number of classes for those who might need a bit of guidance before being turned loose to play with table saws, routers and drill presses. They also sell a wide variety of hand crafted items at reasonable prices. Worth considering if you're in the market for a muskoka chair, a table, shelving,... [Read More]
Placebo Space
Artists Yunior and Ramone started opening their home to live music events last summer. The result is one of the most intimate music experiences you are likely to enjoy in Toronto. The space itself, reminiscent of an art gallery, with it's white painted walls and large scale paintings, is a pleasure for the senses. While proper seating is limited, there is a plethora of cushions. This means lots of room for dancing and the sweet joy of lying sprawled out on the floor... [Read More]
Karma Food Co-op
As a proud foodie without a desire to ignore environmental issues, joining Karma co-op was an obvious choice. The main attractions for me was their commitment to local, organic and food that comes with less packaging. They carry the typical bulk nuts, flour, quinoa, dried fruits and rice you would expect to find in such a store but they have a number of hard to find items in bulk such as organic spices, eggs, Ontario maple syrup, Ontario Honey and Ontario sunflower oil. Karma ... [Read More]
Les mercredi FrancoFun
For years, the francophones and francophiles of Toronto have been gathering every Wednesday from 6-12 midnight at the bedford academy to speak french together. In the summer look for the group on the patio, in the winter head up to the 2nd floor. Expect to meet a large social group of french speakers from around the world. While it does serve as a great event for those wishing to practice their french skills and connect themselves to Toronto's french community, you might find it challengi... [Read More]
Intergalactic Travel Authority and Story Planet
A delightful new store front just opened in Bloordale. At first glance it looks like another coffee shop with a whimsical spirit. That whimsical spirit actually hints at the shops true purpose of promoting a love for creative writting. All profits from the store front go to support Story Planet which runs free arts and literacy workshops for kids in schools, community centres and now behind the portal doors at the Intergalactic Travel Authority. Stop by, enjoy... [Read More]
Food Not Bombs Toronto
Food not Bombs takes perfectly edible food that would otherwise end up in the waste stream and uses it to cook up vegan and veggie meals that are than given away for free. If you want to help picking-up food, cooking or serving join their facebook group. Toronto is just one of thousands of cities around the world with people giving out free food under the Food Not Bombs name. Check out the global site here. ... [Read More]
Urban Harvest
Urban Harvest sells organic seeds, plants and health care products. Find them at their store or farmers markets and retail locations thoughout the city. They carry a wide variety of hard to find heirloom seeds and plants. If you think all tomatoes should be red, prepare to be suprised. Their seed packets also tend to have comparitevly good info about planting and care specific to each of thevarieties they sell. I first met the owner, Collette Murphy, at a salve making workshop and was... [Read More]
Work N Wear
Work n wear sells a wide variety of work clothes and accessories. Gloves, boots, coveralls, reflective vests etc. The big bonus is that they also carry used work wear. [Read More]
GTBT (Good Times, Bad Times) - The tea shop
Awesome little community oriented funky tea shop. They have a variety of loose leaf teas. For eats they offer salads, home made pie, empanadas, ice cream and a few other treats. With a decent selection of organic fare. On the community side they've started a French conversation class Wednesdays at 7 and host music performances. [Read More]