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Visiting the sacred
September 03, 2012

1) Darren Austin Hall - Love Is Warrior
2) displacer - Untitled Groove (3:20)
3) yoshi and chie - spiral code (6:30)
4) Panthea - Ani Couni (13:10)
5) Anthony Lohan - Hard On Yourself (21:12)
6) Eighty four - Good Minus (24:28)
7) Juice - Save Me (29:50)
8) dead Panorama - Night Visions (33:38)
9) Grandfather Mantis - Fatal Measures (37:14)
10) Epoch Composed - Untitled 31 (41:34)
11) The Schomberg Fair - Dont Forget Me (47:10)
12) Lenka Lichtenberg - Dancing on the Titanic (49:44)
13) collette savard - Thousands Of Days (56:20)
14) Shattervox - Angels Don't You Cry (60:10)
15) Ekoplex - OM Circle 2012 reunion project recordings (64:10) creative commons license

Was feeling like entering the territory of the sacred for this mix. I was quickly made aware of the high danger of cliches, taking things too seriously and predictable cheese as I wondered how one finds the spiritual.

Of course I didn't reach any hard conclusions, the music mix simply represents an appreciation of the multi-fold paths available. There are those finding the sacred in solitude, in connecting with the spirit of the ancestors, in looking up at the stars, in a shared community experience, in consoling a friend, in dancing with the end of the world, in the abstract, in raising the next generation, in everything that exists and in nothingness. In some cases I just went with the songs that found me, or picked from among those who self-identified with the theme.

So I guess I'm admitting I've tried to find something sacred in the process of blending these varied voices together in this podcast, but everything else is up to you. In a land where all are visitors it's hard to rely on a tour guide, but the perspective of each visitor is infinitely valuable.

Thanks to the artists, all songs are used with permission. Thanks to for bandwidth and hosting. This podcast is often created with solar energy so the sun also deserves some thanks.

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