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Simply dumbfounded by the beauty of this music
August 20, 2011

1) Saidah Baba Talibah - Do it (0:20)
2) Aline Morales - Como pólen (3:10)
3) Marc Meriläinen - Päivää (6:30)
4) Static North - you can never cross the same stream twice (10:12)
5) Chloe Charles - Soon on a snowflake (14:27)
6) Nhapitapi Mbira - Mapadza (18:21)
7) Heartbeat Hotel - Seeing spots (23:39)
8) TrisLaw - Sweet salvation (27:40)
9) Samba Squad - Bahia-cuba (32:00)
10) Dr.Draw - Rodrigo (36:52)
11) Freedom or Death - This crowded room (41:40)
12) The MacHams - Lucky number 7 (45:00)
13) Patti Cake - He went to town (47:50)
14) Jumple - You & me (51:00)

From back to front: Jumple brings some out high energy Balkan Beats that will have you ready for the dance floor. Patti Cake takes you to a new world with the aptly titled EP "The Prime Minister of Cool Chicks". It sounds a bit like the 50's but it also sounds damn cool right now. With Lucky Number 7, The Machams have nailed the light, joyful, bouncing sound that takes serious skill to balance just right. Freedom of Death, smooth, laid back and intensely sweet. Dr. Draw is famous for playing the electric violin. The song has got wicked mellow groove but isn't afraid to rock you with a dose of dramatic energy too. If you don't know and love Samba Squad by now something is wrong. You should get to now TrisLaw, it takes some kind of genius to pull something like this off. Heartbeat Hotel is a bright fresh summer day surprise with a big cherry on top. Nhapitapi Mbira has the deep delicate beauty of a snow flake but with a warmth that will melt your heart. Chloe Charles is simply sublime. You can never cross the same stream twice and Static North's songs will flow over you ears time and time again. Download the free EP here and put it on repeat. Marc tells me "The song is called 'Päivää' (pronounced PIE - VAH). The chorus Paivaa is Finnish and it's means 'have a great day'". His dreamy ethereal voice on Päivää leaves me marvelling. Aline Morales who you may have seen parading around Toronto with Baque de Bamba has just released her debut album. She ain't messing around, it's evident there is a true artist at work on this album. Saidah Baba Talibah is one hell of a butterfly rawking on the soul. One song will leave you hungry for another. No wonder she was able to fund her new album with pre-investing fans.

Thanks to the artists, all songs are used with permission. Thanks to for bandwidth and hosting. This podcast is often created with solar energy so the sun also deserves some thanks.

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