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Rhyme or Reason
October 07, 2012

1) The Jessica Stuart Few - Don't Ya
2) Dog Is Blue - Tortoise (3:20)
3) Nomad Sun - Waiting For The Dark (6:30)
4) Abdominal and the Obliques - Courage (feat. my mom) (9:52)
5) Andy Lajeunesse - Yukon (15:10)
6) Jonathan Atkins - All the Houses Look the Same (Part I) (18:20)
7) Falcon Punch! - bitcrusher (22:29)
8) ruby drake - late september (25:38)
9) late july - Not Your Lover (29:28)
10) pHoenix Pagliacci - Lady (prod. Ka$h) (32:56)
11) Paul Chin - House Party (Josiah's Theme) (35:34)
12) Foresight for the Blind - Harry's got his Gun (39:28)
13) Trouble and Daughter - Whats Good Is Gone (43:55)
14) Bajcar - Suga Mamma (46:57)
15) Tetro - Time Machines (Some Day) (49:48)


It'd be nice to have rhyme with the reason, but sometimes I'm happy to settle for one of the two.

There's so much random and inexplicable sensory stimulus, and sometimes it's powerful enough for us to forget to ask what it means.

Then there's the occasional thread you pull on and the coincidences pile up so high that you can't help but muse on the significance of how it all connects.

When everything unravels and pain pours out it helps to at least know why. When all is well and smooth you feel you risk missing something if you stop and try to understand it all too.

Yet there is a pleasure in pointing out patterns and being confident about how the next things will go, and there is so much sweet relief to be had in escaping to the land of magic and forgetting what you think you know.

Oh, where does one go to find rhymes for their reasons, or reasons for their rhymes?

If I don't move, if I don't make it chase me, will that make it easier? Should I just let them find me in their own time?

Jessica Stuart few rocking the Koto for Live in Bellwoods:

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