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September 23, 2011

1) evalyn parry - She Rides (0:20)
2) Red Slam Collective - Bring it Back (4:15)
3) Amai Kuda et Les Bois - Dance Chaka (8:12)
4) Vidian - No Time (11:25) creative commons license
5) Giacomo Cataldo - Piccola Reminiscenza (14:00)
6) Maria Kasstan - Beets in the Cellar (19:10)
7) The James Clark Institute - Monstrous (23:15)
8) - Halfway There (26:15)
9) Ian Kamau - The Village (29:50)
10) Dave Borins - Little White Lies (33:18)
11) Nicole Christian - Good Man (36:53)
12) Saidah Baba Talibah - Place Called Grace (40:40)
13) Donlands and Mortimer - Dreaming Songs (44:08)
14) MC Fubb - Forever Love feat. Latte D. Kyd (47:48)
15) Lisa Bozikovic - No Denial (50:37)

She Rides comes from Spin, evalyn parry's theatrical multimedia musical which makes heavy use of a bicycle as a musical instrument and looks at the bike as an instrument in the history of woman's liberation. It's definitely worth seeing live, let's hope it will be staged again in Toronto. In the meantime you can see excerpts of Spin and other performances here. Red Slam Collective is another a great multi-sensory experience to see live. They bring the spirit of indigenous oral traditions to contemporary poetry and hip-hop performance. They've just released a very impressive first EP this past spring entitled Serpent Skin. Amai Kuda et Les Bois should be releasing her first album any moment. Every track I can find by her suggests she's got the talent of a superstar. Her voice is wonderful, the beats are fresh, there's wisdom in the lyrics and it seems like it's all been put together with a certain dash of magic. She's got a great video for All My Fine Shoes. Vidian is my favorite artist on CCMixter. He prolifically produces great tracks using Creative Commons samples. I've played some of his songs here before but there's just so many I haven't had the change to play. Visiting his page for free downloads is definitely worth the trip. Giacomo Cataldo is a Toronto based composer the SACD just came out in late July but the world concert premiere was performed in the Czech Republic. We're hoping to see some live performances in Toronto in the near future. Maria Kasstan well known in the city for her work with Seeds of diversity and the Toronto Beekeepers Co-op has released a soul touching album titled Gamma Knife this past summer. The album pays homage to life with her partner who's life ended a little too soon in front of a Toronto police station. The album is full of wit, wisdom, joy, garden imagery as well as the sorrow surrounding her loss. You can read more about her story and watch a video performance in this Star article you can preview and buy Gamma Knife here. The James Clark Institute knows pop music. By filling his songs with complex, mysterious and personal he brings pop music to wear it sounds best. I stumbled across on the web and simply couldn't get their catchy melodies out of my head. Ian Kamau had his poetry featured on Shad's album a few years back, released a series of mixtapes that furthered my belief this man is someone to pay attention to. His first album is set for release in October, the preview track shows every indication that he is going to live up to my great expectations. Dave Borins brings us his sweet pop sound. Nicole Christian does the blues right, with the classic twang sound well matched to a formidable and fun rhythm section. Saidah Baba Talibah hits us with some more high energy soul on the track I've featured here. But this girl is dynamic to say the least. Her recently released album demonstrates an impressive range as a musician and deserves to be listened to in full. Donlands and Mortimer were ambitious with Dreaming Songs. It's a finely crafted reminder of the need to look for love, full of quick tempo changes and dreamy atmosphere. I came across MC Fubb through his involvement with The Cypher. It's the mature and thoughtful voice of a community organizer that we find on this track. Lisa Bozikovic's No Denial brings us a sublime celebration of summers end with a haunting vocal performance and subtle brilliance on the piano.

Thanks to the artists, all songs are used with permission. Thanks to for bandwidth and hosting. This podcast is often created with solar energy so the sun also deserves some thanks.

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