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Toronto is Hip Hop
October 12, 2011

1) Red Slam Collective - Klick Klack (0:20)
2) Future Da Tutor - I'm Feeling It (4:00)
3) The Airplane Boys - Night Flight (07:15)
4) Test Their Logik - Imagine That (10:55)
5) MC Fubb - Imagination (14:16)
6) Ian Kamau - Hopes & Dreams ft. Karen Nile (18:00)
7) Rich Kidd - Let a Round Clap (22:48)
8) Sep - I Am (25:49)
9) Amai Kuda - All My Fine Shoes (29:40)
10) Rohain Arora - My Handle Bars (32:20)

As far as music goes hip hop was my first true love. It was the first cassette I ever bought, the first concert I ever went to. I loved the story telling, the word play, the exuberant self-expression, the dancing, people laying down their politics. I'd sample songs and scratch records in my parents basement while friends freestyled. Then at some point in the middle 90's I grew a little bored with the rap I was hearing around me. It took a bit of a back seat to the other music I had started exploring. However, my early romance with hip hop has undoubtedly influenced my musical tastes in genereal. I'm a sucker for songs of any genre with clever lyrics, or boomin poly-rhythms. It's lead me to explore Toronto's poetry scene and to play the djembe. This music runs deep through the city, lyrics flow through our blood and our hearts are full of beats.

As I started exploring Toronto's hip hop scene in earnest once again over the past year, I've been very happy to find a renaissance occurring of the kind of hip hop I love. The diversity of ways by which todays artists are approaching the art form has left me impressed. As two albums of straight up artistic brilliance(by Kamau and Kuda) have been released this month, I thought this would be the ideal time to celebrate Toronto hip hop love. Many of these artists have free/pwyc albums available for download. Many of these artists are involved in some interesting projects in the community. Follow their links and get to know them.

Thanks to the artists, all songs are used with permission. Thanks to for bandwidth and hosting. This podcast is often created with solar energy so the sun also deserves some thanks.

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