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That Summer 2014 Feeling
June 20, 2014

1) Luvmenauts - Dr. Yeah Buddy
2) House of David Gang - Good to be Loved (3:00)
3) The BelleRegards - Nothing to Lose (6:24)
4) Jazz Money - Softly As In A Morning Sunrise (9:50)
5) Animalia - See (12:22)
6) Combo Royale - No.28 (15:34)
7) d-Orbital - Oppenheimer (9:10)
8) Jackets - Ain't no people (23:36)
9) Mother Tareka and The Greezy Steez - City Breathin' (UFOs Greezmix) creative commons license (26:50)
10) Union - Teenage (29:43)
11) Jim Dan Dee - Borrowed Time (33:19)
12) Earth's Yellow Sun - We're not supposed to be here (35:24)
13) Bondi - Waves creative commons license (40:03)
14) Peirson - Outta My Mind (45:27)
15) Steve John Dale Quartet - Imotation (49:44)
16) LadyFace -The Lighthouse (54:44)
17) Julie Arsenault - Mr.Golden Sun (57:54)

I'm impressed when a band doesn't use excessive compression these days. Jackets, I'm looking at you, y'all sound like you're coming out of 'The Band' era of rock and I dig it. Had to include you even though you're slightly out of town. Mother Tareka, love the grooves, the poetry and the subject matter you take on. Luvmenauts, I'd like to have you explain more about the artistic process that led you to the setting music to old movies thing you are doing, but I do know y'all made some funky-ass tunes that are damn fine listening on their own. Combo Royale, Wow, that's some mesmerizing out of this world stuff. Union y'all are obviously young, the sound is raw, but I like it in a velvet underground sort of way. Particularly, the way it changes it up at the end. Excited to see where y'all go together. House of David Righteous truth. Y'all make this man feel good. Earth's Yellow Sun, congrats, the odds were against you, I can't remember the last time I included something metal on this podcast. Take some composition wizardry to seamlessly blend a sax solo into this kind of music. Respect. Julie Arsenault Beautiful and gritty. The simple sublime of the everyday is exactly what folk is all about. Pierson you're gonna make some people cry as they remember all these things. Song sounds like a gentle dream so we'll enjoy the tears. Jazz Money this is the kind of jazz I love. The strong beat, a slick bass line, upbeat melodies, and the whole thing oozing with a dopeness that bobs heads.


Virtual music is all well and good, but do get out and see the musicians work their magic live. Here's a few plugs from the featured artists:

"Also if you can mention our upcoming show at cherry colas on June 27th with superstack and the marwills that would be great." - Jim Dan Dee

"We're playing a show with Seun Kuti and Egypt 80 on July's going to be a groovy time. Here's a link to the event" - The Luvmenauts (Andrew)

Thanks to the artists, all songs are used with permission. Thanks to for bandwidth and hosting. This podcast is often created with solar energy so the sun also deserves some thanks.

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