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Tess's Metaphorical Mixtape
June 13, 2012

1) Karma - Place We Live
2) Ian Blackwood - Riches To Riches (4:00)
3) Subject 416 - Styrophobic (6:30)
4) KJ - Becoming The (11:56) creative commons license
5) Count Oak - Buried Under Maybes (13:48)
6) Chameleon-Project - Bigfoot (16:57)
7) Spek Won - Reality Bites (20:20)
8) Copycat - Monster (Live off the floor) (24:20)
9) The oOohh Baby Gimme Mores - You Gotta Boyfriend (29:30)
10) The Reply - Must Stop (32:00)
11) Suncapades - Sunday New Year (for Eleanor) (35:45)
12) illogik - gettin' stronger (39:40) creative commons license
13) Big eddy and the Trailer Park 5 - Death of a cowboy (43:00)
14) Kip Gordon - Delayed Reaction Hero (47:35)

A: Ran in to Tess on the way here.

B: I miss Tess, I haven't seen her in ages. What's she up to?

A: She told me times were getting tough. It's hard to ask what someone's been doing when you know they've been out of work for a while. So I didn't, but she smiled, read my mind, and said "You know the funny thing about being time rich is: you have time to think about how what you got is too valuable to spend all in one place."

B: She always had that weird way of finding humour in the darkness.

A: She's gotten comfortable there.

B: I don't know if she's comfortable. But it's almost like a spiritual thing.

A: Tess! Are you serious?

B: Just something about her attitude, the way she moves and the look in her eye. Like she's made a deal with some higher power.

A: The whole midnight standing out at some crossroads somewhere?

B: Maybe 'deal' is the wrong word. It's more of an understanding. Like she's stared into the dark long enough that she knows it's light side, she's come to terms with something normal people are terrified of.

A: Mmhhm. I call it an unwavering charm. It's become even more prominent since the accident. She asked me to give you this mixtape.

B: The metaphor mixtape. Right on! Gotta love her

A: Read the note.

B: "Sorry it's been so long. Lately I've been feeling all of life's a song. When the melody is distand it's important to keep the rhythm strong. When things are out of step with the truth of your heart than everything is bound to fall apart. So I've been practicing without distractions, making sure I know my part. Can't believe it's already June. We need to get together soon. Till then, here's a few tunes I've been listening to.

Thanks to the artists, all songs are used with permission. Thanks to for bandwidth and hosting. This podcast is often created with solar energy so the sun also deserves some thanks.

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