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Stepping into the Here and Now
April 20, 2011

1. White Suede - Back By The River
2. Amanda Rose Moscar - Here Here Now Now
3. John Moore Live - Drop Back Down
4. Kristin Lindell - Bend
5. Shane ‘Shaky J’ Forrest - That Ting
6. Adrian Smith-Meecham - A Serious Man
7. HOMEGROWN (Ft. Laila) - Favourite Things
8. T-illa - Rock'n You
9. Situatist Deux - A Moment
10. Fade Chromatic - Hold Your Candle
11. Decade of Sleep - Call for the Vicar
12. Psycho Mad Sally - Love Drunk
13. The Bloody Five - And For Me The Forest
14. Steve Bick - Like Snow
15. Danny Bakan - Here
16. Justin McMillan - Lovers Bloom
17. nilima - Nothing Left But Me
18. Luke Dinan - While You Were Sleeping
19. shivasjazz - Lake of Solitude
20. Deanna Fae Prall - Without You (acoustic version)
21. Modicity - milquetoast
22. Hayley Stark - Let Me Go (Tonight)
23. Ania Soul - Eagle
24. Joanna Mohammed - Love Game
25. GeeCee - Try
26. Steve Rot - Dodging Bullets

I sent the call out for music to a broader range of music sites and Toronto responded with force. Thanks to many artists submitting I was able to put together an hour and a half of music and still have a number of tracks that I will save for future episodes.

A theme that commonly came up while putting this together is the here and now. Making full use of the present, letting go of the past, enjoying your favourite things and accepting change. I've found these songs to be a fine soundtrack to the season of rebirth. Hopefully this mix will fit in with your spring as well.

Please follow the links to support these artists who are working their butts off to make the Toronto music scene something amazing.

Thanks to the artists, all songs are used with permission. Thanks to for bandwidth and hosting. This podcast is often created with solar energy so the sun also deserves some thanks.

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