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Sign of the Times
May 18, 2011

1) Luke Vajsar - Let it Flow
2) Suitcase Sam - The Sweetest Hippopotamus
3) Electronic Rhythm Assembly - Instruments
4) The Strumbellas - I ain't trying to die
5) Soul Natural - Wise Old Owl ft. ABD prod. by DJ Phocus
6) Young Feathers - Middle Class War
7) Roberto Philipp - Your Wicked Ways
9) Rohain Arora - Ending Credits For The Comeup Show
10) Sara Kamin - Superhero
11) Nineteen Seventy-Seven - Daylight Comes
12) Jerome Godboo - Get On Your Bike
13) Samba Elégua - Olodum
14) Annex Quartet - Se Me Hizo Facil
15) Nhapitapi Mbira - Karimudande
16) Ian Kamau - Outro
17) Steve Gleason - Oh So Fine
18) taktik a$$umption - WOBBLIST

I keep considering doing more genre specific mixes but in the end I keep deciding I like all kinds of music and I don't want to music to be segregated like that. This mix was lot's of fun to put together. It was a pleasure listening to one of the worlds great harmonica players, discovering a guitar genius, floating away with a string quartet and pondering the words of the poignant lyricists. I enjoyed the challenge of fitting these very different styles of music together while trying to maintain a cohesive feeling to the overall mix. I'm calling this mix sign of the times. I've tried to capture a bit of what I see going on around me and what I'm feeling from being in Toronto right now. Let me know how well you think I did and how it's matching up with your experience of the city. I also recommend reading featured artist Ian Kamau's note on The Mixtape Tradition.

Thanks to the artists, all songs are used with permission. Thanks to for bandwidth and hosting. This podcast is often created with solar energy so the sun also deserves some thanks.

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