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Music for Love Reconsidered
April 11, 2012

1) They Say We Burned - Grounded
2) Naila Keleta-Mae - i am leaving (5:00)
3) Oliver Bailey - My Lady (9:30)
4) Maiko Watson - Breaking my Heart (11:45)
5) Art Imperial - Cult of Love (15:00)
6) High Park - Live Hookers (18:22)
7) 5th PROJEKT - Hurricanes (22:00)
8) Mike Kosowski - KLB (26:43)
9) Runako Sadique - SlowBurn (30:45)
10) Lena Recollet - No Tears (35:00)
11) Tigre Benvie - Come Back Come Back (38:20) creative commons license
12) Stick and Poke - Set Ourselves Free (44:30)
13) Purple HeArts - Intro HeArts (47:55)
14) Nader Kachmar - Recovery (52:00)
15) Ginger Grey - Now It's Time (57:40)
16) Delta Will - good will (61:10)

This podcast is music for love reconsidered. At the moment some friends are thinking twice about their relationships, many of my own relationships in the past have ended at around this time of year, and I just happened to receive many submissions speaking to this theme this month. So here we are in Spring, the Winter has left us at our weakest, we've been cooped up in tight quarters for months and we're perhaps a little more sullen or irritable than normal. All these factors may very well be making our relationships a bit more strenuous than they would otherwise be. It might be the proof you need that a relationship should come to an end or perhaps it's just a typical time of year to be going through an emotional valley and you should remain optimistic about the peaks that are surely coming. But how do you know?

In 'Hard Against The Soul' Toronto's Poet Laureate Dionne Brand writes:

hearing finally all the words that passed you like air,
like so much fun, or all the words that must have
existed while you were listening to others. What
would I want with this sentence you say flinging it aside...

As you reflect on the state of your relationships this spring, take this podcast as a collection of new words and sounds to try on. See if they fit, inspire, heal, or if you'd prefer, fling them aside.

For further listening I highly recommend checking out the Art Imperials new 'break up' album in full. Their Cult of Love attempts to "forge empathetic bonds with the listener that expose the universal feeling of heartbreak; to show, in answer to Al Green's famous question, that above all else music remains the best cure to mend a broken heart." It is a solid piece of musicianship for start to end. Each track on there is an excellent piece of work.

Thanks to the artists, all songs are used with permission. Thanks to for bandwidth and hosting. This podcast is often created with solar energy so the sun also deserves some thanks.

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