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Music for Twilight
May 04, 2012

1) Justus Sustus - Do ZzzzZzzZebras Dream
2) Transits of Mercury - House of Dust (3:50)
3) Nader kachmar - Toronto Nites (7:30)
4) Albert McKay - Orion (10:15)
5) Roads and Boats - Introduction (13:24) creative commons license
6) No Step - Spinner (15:52) creative commons license
7) [Prime] - New discovery (19:20)
8) Alan Stransman - Big Mac (22:40)
9) Speaker Seekers - Bugz in the grass (25:10)
10) Freak Knees - Some Lightning Tastes Like Lemonade (29:00)
11) 6955 - Darkspace (38:20)
12) Foxes in Fiction - Memory Pools (41:15)
13) Forest King - C Beams Glitter In The Dark Near The Tanhauser Gate (46:30) creative commons license

This podcast is music for twilight. The French refer to entre chien et loup, the time 'between dog and wolf', in Hindi there is godh?livel? or 'cow dust time'.

Photo by fusionpanda. creative commons licensecreative commons license

With the sun below the horizon, scattering light in the upper atmosphere and illuminating the lower atmosphere. It's a magical time of transformation, when distinctions are fuzzy, and the hour is ripe for contemplative and imaginative action.

Photo by John Vetterli. creative commons licensecreative commons license

These musicians have left you room to travel deep within yourself.

Photo by Fikret Onal. creative commons licensecreative commons license

Enjoy the expedition.

Thanks to the artists, all songs are used with permission. Thanks to for bandwidth and hosting. This podcast is often created with solar energy so the sun also deserves some thanks.

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