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Music Is For The Soul
August 02, 2012

1) Gitar - Eyes Of The World
2) Unbuttoned - This Feeling (3:10)
3) BF Soul - Real Talk (7:00)
4) Moonwood - Grafitti Blossoms (11:30)
5) Eastborough - Soft Step (14:30)
6) Iderdown - Everyone's (18:15)
7) BluMoon Music - One (24:15)
8) Kashka - No Way Around It (w_ Kit Knows) (27:20)
9) Shuffle Demons - ONE GOOD TURN (31:00)
10) Canadian shield - Oh My Soul (35:20)
11) Charlie Bobus - Creative Energy (38:00)
12) Partizans - Despite the Crowd (40:45)
13) Sienna Danhlen - Jaded Heart (44:10)
14) Black Lady Soul - One Day, Some Day (52:20)
15) Prolific - Sham (56:30)
16) Kevin Wong - Baby Grand (60:35)

A few weeks ago I met a man who kept saying 'music is for the soul' while the band played. I knew what he meant and I wasn't really sure at the same time. For now I'm going to interpret it as a simple expression of the magic medicinal powers of music to transform the ugly truths of pain, heartache and anger into a force that soothes, consoles and uplifts. Gold's got nothing on that kind of alchemy. Music is for the soul. Music is for the soul.

There's a few items of note from the artists:

Charlie Bobus, founder of Inspirator International, is hoping to transform some of his album sales into a poetry lounge and youth Centre in Jamaica. You can help him out here.

Eastborough is trying to transform online votes into a spot on the Late Show. You can help her out here.

In case you missed it the 510 was transformed back to the Spadina Bus a little while ago:

Thanks to the artists, all songs are used with permission. Thanks to for bandwidth and hosting. This podcast is often created with solar energy so the sun also deserves some thanks.

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