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Exploring the creative commons
March 23, 2011

For this episode I wanted to see what Torontonians are doing in the creative commons. There are a few variations on the theme, but generally speaking the different creative commons licenses are used to freely share work so long as credit is given. Getting in touch with musicians was the most difficult part of putting together the first episode of this podcast, so music that already had the permissions needed for me to share it seemed attractive. But how would the quality of the music compare?

It was exciting to see that the pool of content had rapidly expanded in the Commons since last I explored them and that a couple of high quality sites promoting CC music had come into existence. A few quick searches on CCmixter, Jamendo,'s netlabels and I knew I'd be able to put together an excellent mix of music. In particular Vidian's epic 'Exploring With Color' stood out. It's playful and earnest, witty and funky; a sonic manifesto in support of using the commons. With its long list of collaborators, it is a vivid glimpse into the potential for creation that the Creative Commons allows.

Outside of the Commons I received some great submissions including lightsweetcrude's stunning track mixing Raga elements with a western jam band aesthetic. I asked Test Their Logik for permission to play their music. They first released their album for free, without any particular license, on crimethinc with the hopes of receiving donations to help pay legal fees when they were arrested prior to the G20 in response to their crash the meeting music video. The song I've featured here is uplifting, optimistic and speaks of beauty on a spiritual level. They are currently on a nation-wide tour. Look for them in Toronto June 9th.

1. Sanderson Dear - In Between The Raindrops creative commons license

2. Vidian - Exploring With Color creative commons license

3. Steve Chatterton - Fireflies creative commons license

4. lightsweetcrude - Kaafi Funk

5. plastic flesh - talk creative commons license

6. Test Their Logik - Who Are We

7. Southwild - Fonkey Monkey creative commons license

8. Nomadic Sound Division - Squid Sandwich

9. Arkana Music - Through Sacco's Eyes creative commons license

10. Michael Holt - Trees creative commons license

11. Mr. Tunes - Don't Sleep creative commons license

Putting this episode together was good fun and I'm going to pay more attention to CC music culture and participate in it more fully. The first step? Opening an account at and starting to upload stems of my personal audio recordings.

This podcast is published as a collective work. Each song is made available under it's original license.

Thanks to the artists, all songs are used with permission. Thanks to for bandwidth and hosting. This podcast is often created with solar energy so the sun also deserves some thanks.

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