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Evolution in a Whirligig World
November 17, 2011

1) Entire Cities - Bruise black (0:20)
2) Mr. Marblesz - The Unconquered Sun Sacrifices (4:00)
3) 1977 - I'm Okay (There Will Come A Day) (12:30)
4) Snowblink - Tired Bees (15:10)
5) Elos Arma - Oh the Light (17:00)
6) Elizabeth Shepherd - High (19:42)
7) The Holy Gasp - The Last Generation of Love (22:58)
8) Welldone Productions - $pit Vomit Throw Dice (25:20)
9) Afrakaren - ToRCH (27:56)
10) lightsweetcrude - Yaman Skyline (30:20)
11) Bruce Peninsula - In Your Light (36:00)
12) Sickids - Sweet Collision (39:15)
13) Eternia - The Half (42:50)
14) Bob Wiseman - More Perverse Is (46:10)
15) Daniel Sky - Somebody's Leavin' (50:24)
16) Drumhand - Listening to Shadows (53:10)
17) John Southworth - Life is Unbelievable (56:05)
18) Eddy da original one - Momma wouldn't Buy me a drum Machine (57:45)
19) The Junction Trio - Scott Joplin's Maple Leaf Rag (1:05:10)
20) Shelley O'Brien - From the Caribou (1:08:45)

The days may be getting shorter but with so much great music around me this month the podcast got longer. I went to a potluck/concert featuring Bob Wiseman. He makes a some damn tasty potatoes and sent me an early mix of a new song for the podcast. 'More Perverse Is' features a handful of notable guest artists including Richard Underhill and Serena Ryder. The lyrics speak directly to the political/media landscape we live in and the music is full of fun and surprises. I had the good luck to catch Eddy, a beat-boxing poet, perform at FOOL. His performance touched us all. If you want to learn to beat-box he is the man to talk to. I learned about Entire Cities by way of a performance at Placebo Space(One of my favourite venues). I Immediately fall in love with their sublime mellow sound. lightsweetcrude, long time favourites of ours at the TSG podcast, held a great album release show. Their music is extremly tight and will transport you to other worlds. They are playing a show Tonight(Nov. 17) and are well worth seeing live.

We have a few artists from Pinwheel Music is this episode. They are newly established but already represent some very eminent musicians including inimitable imaginator John Southworth. John is ramping up for a big year in 2012: he has a record, a cabaret show and a children's book in the bag. On tour in December to promote his latest offering, Human Cry.

Souljazz innovator Elizabeth Shepherd records an album of obscure jazz standards, breathing life - and soul - into forgotten songs. Rewind in stores March 2012. Globetrotting ukulele songstress Shelley O'Brien's brand new album Vivarium is a gorgeous love letter to Canada, canoeing and caribou.

Rootsy tunesmith Daniel Sky goes on a Traveling Wilburys trip with the help of Derek Downham (Beauties, Elliot Brood, Sarah Slean) on new record Spider Milk. After hearing the beautiful poem AfraKaren contributed to Ian Kamau's track in the last episode I had to seek out more from her. In anticipation of Seaforth, 1977 released So is the Sea yesterday. The Holy Gasp also has a recently released album with hand drum driven songs supporting the lyrics of a passionate and imaginative poet.

Drumhand lays down some intricate rhythms and lucious vocals. Eternia knows hip hop. I'm impressed with her solid flow. I've been meaning to get Elos Arma's smooth pop sound into the podcast for months. I hope they'll forgive me for the delay. Mr. Marbelz though their song might be too long for me. It's an epic track and I love the journey it takes you on, so I'm sure you'll be happy to take that ride too. Welldone Productions and Sickids both showing their prowess at laying down seriously slick beats. The junction Trio brings some fresh ideas and unexpected twists to a classic old tune. Bruce Peninsula has released there much awaited new album last month after their front man's recovery from leukimia. They're bringing their unique sound to venues all over Ontario this month.

Thanks to the artists, all songs are used with permission. Thanks to for bandwidth and hosting. This podcast is often created with solar energy so the sun also deserves some thanks.

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