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Bottled Robot Zombie Barn Love
October 07, 2011

1) Nicole Christian - Barn Dance (0:20)
2) Patti Cake - Boy Detective (4:50)
3) jefftheworld - Robot Airport Level (7:50)creative commons license
4) Lal - Old Cities (Murr Dhaka edit) (11:50)
5) Planet Earth - Love Someone (15:00)
6) Thomas - Either Side of the Symbol (18:50)
7) evalyn parry - Bottle This! (20:40)
8) The Bare Minimum - Saltwater (24:38)
9) Saint Dirt Elementary School - Zombies Love Dancin' to this Number (27:13)

For October I thought I'd try shorter but more frequent episodes of the TSG podcast. For the first instalment I'm very excited to present another powerful foot stomping tune from Nicole Christian that is perfect this time of year, as we head into harvest festivities. Patti Cake Displays her fine mix of whimsy and amazing soulful vocal prowess on this rocker. At Nuit Blanche this year I came across a group of passionate Gameboy music composers in front of city hall. I was impressed and so were many others. They had attracted a good sized crowd of really talented joyful dancers. jefftheworld the organizer of the event has a number of his songs available for free under a Creative Commons license. Lal makes some very subtle yet sublime music. I really can't get enough of them. Planet Earth is one of the first bands I saw live in Toronto. Their sweet smooth funky sounds haven't really been matched by anyone else since. Thomas and Saint Dirt Elementary School have both just released new albums on Toronto's Barn Yard Records. For some reason I wasn't sure Saint Dirt was ever going to release more material. Very glad to hear some more wonderful, wacky and original pieces from the group that introduced me to the melodica.Thomas brings us a delicately blended mix of the unexpected and familiar on Either Side of the Symbol. In my books that's the recipe for a hit song. I don't think anyone has better articulated the bottled water phenomenon than evalyn parry. Hopefully you're already following her advice. The Bare Minimum lay down some kick ass catchy guitar licks.

Thanks to the artists, all songs are used with permission. Thanks to for bandwidth and hosting. This podcast is often created with solar energy so the sun also deserves some thanks.

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