Anarchist Free University

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This project appears to have ended, try Free'scool for a more recent manifestation of the free school concept in Toronto.

Anarchist U is a free school who's aim is to bring "together those who want to share their passion and interest in something and those who want to learn about it." It is a volunteer run organization that has been offering courses at various locations around Toronto since 2003. Yes! you can enroll without actually being an anarchist yourself.

I Started my first course, Practical Group Dynamics facilitated by Possum, in February 2011. Five of us met weekly over tea in the comforts of a participant's living room. One member of the class was to present to the rest each week. I'd say each class was about as well or better prepared than the handful of paid courses I took over the past year. Though it may not have been as information heavy as some of those other courses, my classmates were engaged and sincerely interested in having a meaningful discourse. The atmosphere was intimate, relaxed and conducive to people opening up and sharing ideas with one another and I got a great deal out of the experience.

If not a better way, those involved with Anarchist U are certainly trying to offer a different approach to learning than one is likely to find at most institutions big or small. What I do know is that wisdom should be collected, as a bee makes honey, by seeking nectar from many sources. So, I'll lbe keeping an eye on what interesting courses are coming up here.

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