De La Mer Fresh Fish Market
They carry a variety of sustainable fresh fish options including certified Ocean Wise items They have a second location on Bayview. [Read More]
Toronto Tool Library
For a small yearly fee you are free to borrow tools and power tools of all sorts. They will also be running tool workshops. You no longer need to buy a saw to do that one little project. [Read More]
Dr. Martin L Osler - Optometrist
I hadn't visited an eye doctor since I was in my teens, I had a negative experience and have avoided optometrists ever since. My eye sight finally reached a point where I knew I really needed some glasses so I started a search for someone trustworthy. Dr. Osler was recommend by a trusted source so I decided to pay him a visit. At first I missed his office while walking down college street, but found a different eye glass shop where they initially recommended me to another optometrist.... [Read More]
Romni Wools
Exceptionally large selection of wool products. Yarns, roving for felting, knitting needles and the related accessories. I have a hard time resisting their boxing day sales, and as a result I've felted a large portion of my winter wear from their wool. Only wish they carried more roving from Ontario sheep. [Read More]
Central Fairbank Lumber
They carry a fairly wide selection and sizes of lumber compared to most others. When buying contruction grade lumber they still end up trying to give you damaged and cracked pieces but it seems to be a little less damaged or warped than other places. [Read More]
Toronto Concerts | Just Shows
Site dedicated to comprehensive concert listings. [Read More]
Free'scool | Where Free is Cool & School is Free
Free sharing of community knowledge while attempting to circumvent, if not outright oppose, the pitfalls of institutional education. At the moment they are offering a course in subjects  such as creative cooking, economics, tango, art and more. You can also offer to teach a course. You can get involved in the project in a variety of other ways too. [Read More]
Woodshop at Franklin Horner Community Centre
If you pass their safety test it's possible to become a member of their woodshop. You can then use the space and their fancy wood working tools to make your own projects. They run a number of classes for those who might need a bit of guidance before being turned loose to play with table saws, routers and drill presses. They also sell a wide variety of hand crafted items at reasonable prices. Worth considering if you're in the market for a muskoka chair, a table, shelving,... [Read More]
The Make Den Sewing Studio | - sewing, design, fashion classes in Toronto
Toronto sewing studio. Services include classes and the ability to use their studio (rent by the hour). [Read More]
UofT Astronomy lecture and telescope viewing
On the first Thursday of most months, the Department of Astronomy and Astrophysics at the University of Toronto runs free lectures followed by a visit to their telescopes and planetarium. The event begins at 8pm in the winter and 9pm in the summer. [Read More]