Romni Wools
Exceptionally large selection of wool products. Yarns, roving for felting, knitting needles and the related accessories. I have a hard time resisting their boxing day sales, and as a result I've felted a large portion of my winter wear from their wool. Only wish they carried more roving from Ontario sheep. [Read More]
Central Fairbank Lumber
They carry a fairly wide selection and sizes of lumber compared to most others. When buying contruction grade lumber they still end up trying to give you damaged and cracked pieces but it seems to be a little less damaged or warped than other places. [Read More]
The Sketchersons
The comedy troupe performs the Sunday Night Live show each week at The Comedy Bar based on the same format as the the tv show, complete with guest hosts, musical guests, weekly news and a house band. They also have a tv show on rogers. [Read More]
Daniels Faculty of Architecture, Landscape, and Design Lecture Series
The school of architexture runs a couple of different lecture series( bulthaup Lectures,  Daniels Faculty Public Lectures and  Midday Talks). Sometimes the lectures are screen or made available online: [Read More]
Japanese Supermarkets In Toronto | Tadaimatte
A comprehensive list of where to find Japanese groceries and supermarkets in Toronto, Canada. [Read More]
Let's Make Lemonade by Justin Friesen
Short documentary does a good job of capturing the intense energy of the much loved Lemon Bucket Orkestra. The film has been selected as a finalist in the 2012 Air Canada enRoute Film Festival. The full film can be viewed online here. You can find a few more details in this article from the Eyeopener.... [Read More]
Pumpkin Parade « Sorauren Park
Sorauren Park hosts the pumpkin parade every November 1st. Neighbourhood jack-o-lanterns extend the halloween celebrations by coming together to put on a group light show. [Read More]
Mycological Society of Toronto
This is the group to join for those in Toronto with a interest in mushrooms. They run monthly informative lectures in the off season at the Toronto Botanical Gardens and schedule group forays (mushroom picks) outside of the city when the mushrooms are growing. With many enthusiastic members happy to share their knowledge, joining their club is an excellent way to learn to identify mushrooms. [Read More]
Griefwalker by Tim Wilson
Portrait of the sublime Stephen Jenkinson, leader of a palliative care counselling team at Toronto's Mount Sinai Hospital. This man who has thought a great deal about death and his job has brought him to the deathbed of over 1,000 people. In this film we get a glimpse of Stephen at work as well as his private life and we witness the touching stories of people confronting death. Along the way Stephen's shares a bit of his philosophy and appreciation for life. [Read More]
I Like You : a podcast about two people looking for like
Toronto based podcasters JP and Elah have publishing stories and conversations about love, like, relationships, sex and related topics. Lot's of real people opening up and telling personal stories. Some investigation into the unique and diverse types of human relationships. into It's a beautiful thing. [Read More]