Alissa York
Her new novel Fauna looks at wild life in Toronto. It intertwines the stories of several Torontonians with strong and unique connections to animals in our urban context. I was at first suspicous that the story was just an excuse to point out some of the wild life that can be found in the city, but I was soon charmed by this hard to put down book. [Read More]
A bi-monthly talk show recorded in front of a live audience is produced by a team of volunteers who love art and aim to support Toronto's culture scene and expand "public dialogue around the art we see, hear, and create". Having watched a number of the episodes I can't help but feel glad to have discovered a little more about the interesting artists creating around me in Toronto. I recommend starting with this episode which features an interview with beloved graffiti artist ... [Read More]
Burrito Bike
Not only are they delivering you burritos they are going to deliver them by bike! I'm not certain if Sari Lightman is putting any thought into the sustainability of the ingredients going into these Burritos but she is catering to vegetarians as well as vegans which is a good sign and besides mentioning an interest in community is obviously concerned about the sustainability of how they get from her kitchen to your mouth and for that we thank you! If your in the zone and considering take o... [Read More]
bike Sauce
Labour costs that are higher than many new bike parts is the corner stone of the DIY bike shops raison d'etre. The dedicated volunteers help divert bikes and parts from the waste stream, will teach you how to fix your bike and provide community space for people to come together, hang out. This is goodness to the core. [Read More]
Cycling Painters
They bike to their painting jobs and like using low/no VOC paints. Not sure where else you are going to find painters concerned about the environment in Toronto. [Read More]