Charlie's Freewheels
Charlie's Freewheels provide training in safe riding skills and bike maintenance. Participating in the program provides youth with a bike, lock and helmet. After completing the program participants are connected to paid cycling-related internships. They also operate their own retail space at the location run by program participants where they sell bikes to the general public. If you'd like to support the organization they are currently looking for donations of time, parts ... [Read More]
critical mass toronto!
Toronto's edition of the monthly community bike ride that takes place all over the world. In the summer one can expect such a huge number of people that you don't have to worry about cars. Cycling is done at a relaxed pace condusive to socializing. Expect music, smiles, cheering, costumes, art bikes, bell ringing and just plain old ordinary bike riding. You are welcome to take part. Simply show up the last friday of the month, every month. Meet at the corner of Bloor and Spa... [Read More]
local motion
Coach House Books has put together a video series showcasing organizations and individuals actively working to make our community better. The ideas for the videos came out of their book: Local Motion: The Art of Civic Engagement in Toronto The interview with Jutta Mason talking about Dufferin grove park is also highly recommended. Hope you can take some inspiration from these videos and get involved with projects in your neighbourhood.... [Read More]
Toronto Community Garden Network
I spent an afternoon a week at a community garden during 2008 and 2009. The first year I didn't have access to growing space but taking part in the community garden allowed me to grow enough to meet pretty much all my vegetable needs for the summer. I returned to the garden the following year despite moving to an apartment with a backyard garden because it turns out community gardens are a pretty awesome social experience. So how to get in on the growing? TCGN has created a large ... [Read More]
The Toronto Beekeeper’s Co-operative
I discovered the Toronto Beekeepers Co-op a couple of years ago through friends at foodshares community garden. There are people keeping bees in the city? It seemed incredible, never mind that I'd been deeply afraid of bees and the possibility I might be alergic to stings, this was something I had to do(Turns out bee alergies are extremly rare and I don't have one.) How could I resist? I'm a total sweet fiend and the possibility of getting my own hands sticky in the pr... [Read More]
UofT B.E.E.S
With a little guidance from some experienced beekeepers and a large property which allows them to stay official despite Ontario's ultra-prohibitive bee act, a group of students took up organic beekeeping at University of Toronto's down town campus in 2010. One of the features that sets them apart from other groups keeping honeybees in the city is their open door policy. They are still welcoming members of the general public to come visit their hives on top of trinity college, ... [Read More]
T.O. bee | Wild Bee Diversity in the City
Do you want to encourage more pollinators to set up home around your garden? Have you seen how many different kinds of bees are in your backyard? Do you want to know what species of bees are helping your veggies grow? This project is aiming to help you do all these things while simultaneously conducting a census for research at York University. Before I became a beekeeper I was little aware of the diversity of bees that exist, or that unlike honey bees most varieties live alone or in very... [Read More]
The Permaculture Project - GTA
Toyin Coker has been busy putting together a community around permaculture in the toronto area. If you're interested in permaculture, forging a space for permaculture concepts in the city and gathering, spades raised, with kindred spirits, this is the place to start. They also have a facebook group. [Read More]
The Awesome Foundation – Toronto
Photo by: Cooking for Geeks Awesome foundations have been popping up around the world.  The concept behind this whimsical brand of open-source altruism is simple. Every month 10 ordinary folks willing to part with $100 each award whoever has the best 90 second pitch $1,000 to help realize their idea.  No soul crushing lengthy proposals to fill out, no reporting back the outcomes.  While ideas of what qualifies as awesome may vary, it should be easy to agree that everyda... [Read More]
Second Harvest
The quantity of perfectly edible food that that goes to waste in every step of the chain, from the growing fields to individual households, is shocking. Estimates suggest between 25 to 50 per cent of food is wasted. It's hard to look at those numbers without being reminded that hunger, as it was during the Irish famine, is often created by capitalist forces rather than any actual food shortage. Second Harvest aims to divert some of the industrial food systems waste back into hungr... [Read More]